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Excursion from Palermo to Capo Zafferano

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Boat excursion from Palermo to Capo Zafferano via Baia dei Francesi, Mongerbino, Blue Arch, Shoal of the Ants and Solanto Castle. FULL DAY

The boat trip from Palermo to Capo Zafferano (via Bay of the French, Mongerbino, Blue Arch, Shoal of the Ants and Solanto Castle) is a wonderful way to discover the beauty of the area around the Sicilian capital. Departure from Villa Igea, a neo-Gothic style structure built at the end of the 19th century and a historic 5-star hotel in Palermo. On request, departure also from La Cala.

Itinerary of the boat excursion from Palermo to Capo Zafferano

Beach of the French and Gulf of Mongerbino

We will cross the Gulf of Palermo passing through Porta Marina with destination Bay of the French where we will make our first stop for a swim in the sea. The beach of the French is one of the most evocative beaches of the Palermo coast, located in the Gulf of Mongerbino, within the territory of Santa Flavia and Bagheria. It is a small cove set between the rocks of Capo Zafferano and the seaside village of Aspra. It is a place characterized by a rich Mediterranean vegetation and with a crystalline sea. We will then continue sailing to Capo Mongerbino to see the extraordinary Arco Azzurro and Napoleon’s Hat (Capo Zafferano is so called by the locals).

Capo Zafferano

Capo Zafferano is the extreme point that encloses, together with Monte Gallo, what is the entire gulf of Palermo and its hinterland. The beauty of Capo Zafferano lies in the possibility of always having one side sheltered from any storm surges. To the west are the famous Three Pools. It is a rocky water hole that also offers a spectacular sunset. Such a beautiful place that someone even installed a giant red heart in it. On the other side, however, there is a pebble beach and, not far away, the beach of Kafara or the hundred steps. To access it, in fact, it is necessary to go down and then go up all these steps. The sea, however, is spectacular. Possible stop for a swim in the sea.

We will continue to Sant’Elia, a tiny cluster of houses that overlooks a very small beach and, behind it, inside a rocky inlet that really makes it look like a place of wonders.

Shoal of the Ants and Solanto Castle

Subsequently, we will reach the Shaol of the Ants off the coast of Porticello where it will be possible to admire the clouds of bream that dwell above the shoal that descends up to 55 meters on the seabed inhabited by groupers and lobsters. Stop for a fantastic swim in the sea.

Finally, we will reach the Solanto Castle in Santa Flavia, a splendid seaside resort about 20 km from Palermo, a magical place between myth and reality. The Solanto Castle is located on a high cliff overlooking the sea and is a fairy-tale place shrouded in mystery, painted by many painters, rich in history. It is one of the last Sicilian aristocratic residences, where kings and queens stayed.

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  • Visit from the sea of ​​the coast of Palermo
  • Marina Villa Igiea
  • Gulf of Palermo
  • Port Marina
  • Bay of the French
  • Capo Mongerbino
  • Arco Azzurro
  • Three Swimming pools
  • Napoleon Hat
  • Capo Zafferano lighthouse
  • Sant'Elia
  • Shoal of the Ants
  • Porticello
  • Solanto Castle



  • Welcome cocktail and aperitif
  • Lunch (appetizers, first course, fruit)
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Informative material
  • Skipper on board
  • Anything that does not appear under INCLUDED

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