The island of Ustica has an uncontaminated sea, rich in rare fish, a spectacular flora and fauna, and seabed comparable to an authentic underwater museum, making Ustica a unique location for diving lovers in Sicily. For diving lovers, in fact, the depths of Ustica are a true paradise: the natural coves, within the Marine Protected Area, offer themselves as useful starting points for spectacular dives or breathtaking snorkeling and seawatching experiences, to discover fantastic landscapes.

Ustica is a small village made up of narrow alleys, stairways, houses painted like paintings and suggestive landscapes and breathtaking views. Agriculture has always represented the primary source of livelihood: among traditional peasant products such as lentils and aubergines from Ustica. You can discover the history of Ustica by immersing yourself in its ancient archaeological wonders and visiting ancient human settlements, or venture along the ancient paths and streets of the ancient village. The first human settlements date back to the Paleolithic, and the large amount of archaeological finds also found underwater, due to the many shipwrecks that occurred over time, testified to the presence of ancient peoples.