Island of Salina


Salina is the ancient Didyme (twin) for the shape of the island. Salina is the greenest, with a nature reserve that occupies over half of the territory. Monte Fossa delle Felci with its 962 meters is the highest peak of the Aeolian Islands, while Monte Porri, almost twin, reaches 860 meters in height.
The island is the only one in the archipelago not to depend on Lipari. Indeed in Salina there are three independent municipalities: Malfa, Leni and Santa Marina.
The island has two docks: Santa Marina which is the main port and the small port of Rinella.
The island is connected by tens of kilometers of roads and, therefore, the best way to visit it is definitely to rent a scooter or car, even if in summer it is well connected until late in the evening by bus.